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Freshly baked with ancient grains

We grew tired of the sterilized, bleached, and nutritionally insubstantial options for flour on today’s market. That’s why we went back in time. Gain access to organic breads baked with an ancient grain we revived, grew, and cultivated on our own property.

Returning to a time without artificial additives

We’re changing the way bread is grown, baked, and enjoyed.

Ancient Grain Name

Say goodbye to fast-track production systems and breads stripped of their nutritional value. Our breads are home-grown and home-baked with mineral-rich ancient grains.


No pesticides. No fertilizers. No preservatives. Enjoy fresh loaves of bread and delicious baked goods the way they’re meant to be enjoyed—100% free of chemical residue.


Our founder is a master baker and Bavarian pretzel specialist. Bring home freshly baked breads and handcrafted treats for the entire family to enjoy.

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Organic Specialty Breads

Authentic Bavarian Brezen
Ancient wheat bread (900g)
Ancient rye (900g)
German sweet bread w/ nut filling
Ancient rye sourdough (900g)
Ancient wheat kimmel bread (900g)
Ancient rye pumpkin & flax (900g)
Ancient rye sunflower & flax (900g)
Ancient dark rye – BAUERNBROT
Wheat sourdough bread (800g)
Crusty Belgian
German sweet bread (550g)
German sweet bread w/ raisins
German sweet bread w/ cinnamon

Handcrafted Treats

Butter Croissants
Almond Croissants
Chocolate-praline Croissants
Brezen Croissants

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